Do You Need A Strategy To Get Started In Property Development?

Many people think they have to dip their toes in various ‘strategies’ like deal sourcing, buy-to-let and HMOs before they can do development. In this video, Ritchie Clapson CEngMIStructE, co-founder of propertyCEO, busts the myth that you need a starting strategy.

Should You Joint Venture For Your First Project?

An important question for a new developer: should you joint venture for your first development project? As always, Ritchie doesn’t hold back on sharing his honest opinion. Keep watching to find out why Ritchie’s answer is “NO, don’t do it!”

How Difficult Is It To Build A Power Team?

How difficult is it to build your property development professional team, especially if you have no experience? In this short video, Ritchie discusses the importance of credibility for new developers, and whether professionals will want to work for you (spoiler: they will!)

Can You Do Property Development Without Any Experience?

Here Ritchie answers the all important question: can you do property development without any experience? If you’re interested in becoming a developer but don’t know a thing – or perhaps you’re already a property investor or landlord but have never dipped your toes into the world of development – this is a must-watch!

Is Permitted Development Right Class G Dead OR Alive?

Permitted Development Right Class G gave developers the ability to put two flats on top of shops and banks. So what’s changed? And what does this mean for the small-scale developer? Ritchie explains what this ‘super Class G’ is, how it compares to the new Class MA, and the changes that came into effect from 1st August 2021.

Can You Get Development Finance WITHOUT Planning Permission?

Can you get funding for a scheme that doesn’t have planning permission? What is bridging finance? How much funding can you get for a development? Ritchie answers these questions and shares his tips for new developers.

Can You Really Convert A Pub?

So you want to convert a pub? Watch this first! Ritchie talks about UK planning rules, changes to permitted development rights, and what this means for the conversion of pubs.

Can You Do Development Without Any Of Your Own Money?

One of the most common questions we get asked is can you do property development without any of your own money? Can you get 100% funding and how difficult is it? Ritchie tells you what you need to know in this short video.

Permitted Development Rights – Lets Talk About The New PD Rights

With the new Class MA effective from 1st August 2021, should you wait to put an application in if you think you’ve got a project? Should you wait and see what other developers do, and what the response is from the council? Ritchie answers the questions that many developers are asking right now about planning permission and the new permitted development rights.