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Open Door is the weekly property development magazine show, where Ritchie and Ian dish out the latest property news and interview the movers and shakers from the development world.

Just 45 minutes long and full of banter, the Open Door shows are completely free to join and open to absolutely everyone. You’re welcome to submit any questions you may have during the show and the guys will do their best to help. Check back here to watch recordings of previous shows, and to register for the next live show.

We look forward to seeing you on the next one!

Watch our previous Open Door shows below:

Open Door #80

Want to know the professional property developer’s approach to commercial finance? Will Lucey, commercial finance broker at Luc Capital Limited, returns to the show to tell all. He also reflects on the current market conditions and how he thinks it could affect developers going forward.

Open Door #79

What are the three BIGGEST mistakes that new developers make? And how can you avoid them? In this show, we answer these questions so that you can put your best foot forward in the world of property development.

Open Door #78

One of the challenges with property development is that the profits only materialise at the end. But what if you could get paid to develop property as you went along? Think it sounds too good to be true? Well, tune in to find out how you can pay yourself a monthly salary while doing your first development.

Open Door #77

The UK planning system has experienced a radical overhaul over the last 2 years, creating the ideal opportunity for new developers to enter the market. And it’s the job of people like Colin Smith of CJS Planning to keep up to date on the ins and outs of these changes so we don’t have to! Planning expert Colin returns to the show to update us all on the latest planning opportunities for developers, and answer your planning-related questions.

Open Door #76

We’ve had a lot of people asking for our thoughts on how the tragic events that are unfolding in Ukraine are likely to affect the UK property market. And for many people, the big question is ‘what will it mean for property developers?’ So, we thought it would be helpful to share our thoughts regarding Ukraine in this show.

Open Door #75

Property development can generate a lot of cash, but as with all wealth creation it carries risk. So how can you mitigate that risk as far as possible and protect yourself from nasty surprises? We reveal all in this show, including what kind of projects you should be looking at and the things you NEED to being doing to de-risk your deals.

Open Door #74

As a developer, your chosen contractor has a HUGE impact on the success of your project. But how can you make sure you pick a good one? We’ve all heard the horror stories about contractors not finishing jobs, going bust, charging for extras, and so on… Tune in to find out the secret to finding an honest, hardworking, and committed contractor who won’t leave you high and dry.

Open Door #73

Last week we heard about the government’s new ‘levelling up’ plans that will mean around 800,000 buy-to-let properties will need to be upgraded by their owners. For landlords, this comes on the back of tax increases, regulatory changes and rent arrears exacerbated by the pandemic. But there’s a strategy that could boost profits and supercharge portfolio growth: Meet the new breed of landlord who combines small-scale property development with building a buy-to-let portfolio. In this show, we’re joined by Adam Lawrence and Sue Sims, successful portfolio landlords and co-founders of Partners In Property, to understand why this hybrid model has been described as ‘portfolio building on steroids’.

Open Door #72

They say the only things certain in life are death and taxes. But while we can’t do much about the former, we know a man who could help you pay less of the latter. Asset protection is an essential tool in your armoury when it comes to ensuring your wealth goes where you want it to. You’d be amazed how many people gift their money to the tax man simply because they don’t know the facts.

Open Door #71

How do you know that what you build will actually sell? While it’s the last part of the process, selling certainly shouldn’t be an afterthought. After all, you’ve got to sell your units to receive your profit. In this show, we show you how to put yourself in the best possible position to sell what you’ve built. Plus we reveal the essential due diligence YOU need to do to make sure you get it right from the start and boost your chances of a quick sale.

Open Door #70

It’s not easy finding a GREAT property development deal. But there are things that you can do to help ensure your success – things that many other people DON’T do. On this show, we lift the lid on the tricks of the trade that can help you find some cracking deals. And, of course, it’s not just about finding a property – you’ve also got to know what to do with it. After all, it’s only a deal if you know how to make a healthy profit, so we cover that too.

Open Door #69

As we enter the New Year, people are hoping we’re heading back towards “business as usual” in property development. But could there be further surprises just around the corner? In our first Open Door show of the 2022, we look at what the current Covid situation means for property developers. We also reveal what we believe lies in store for you if you’re thinking about starting a project in 2022…

Open Door #68

Ever wondered what Ritchie’s biggest pet peeves are when it comes to property development? Well on this show, Ian tries to guess the top 5 things that rile Ritchie up the most! Ritchie is renowned for speaking his mind, so we’re sure to go out with a BANG on what is the LAST show of the year!

Open Door #67

What if we were to tell you that developing property successfully is almost certainly easier than you think? You see, many people go about development the WRONG way, making common mistakes and generally making life A LOT more difficult than it needs to be. So, if you want to know how to make property development a whole lot easier, tune in to find out!

Open Door #66

The ‘Queen of Social Housing,’ Sue Sims, joined us on this show! With over 30 years of experience, Sue has built up a portfolio of buy-to-lets, HMOs and serviced accommodation. She is also co-founder of Partners in Property – an independent property network meeting. Sue shares her passion and knowledge on the social housing buy-to-let model, as well as explaining how it compares to other strategies.

Open Door #65

We’ve received LOADS of questions about banks, and the market seems to be full of them at the moment… But is converting a bank into residential a good idea or should you steer well clear? There’s definitely less competition – but exactly how difficult are they to convert? And what on earth do you do with the vaults?

Open Door #64

How common is ‘gazumping’ when it comes to the property development market? And what steps can you take to prevent someone pinching a project off you? If you’ve not thought that this could happen to YOU, then you really NEED to get the lowdown! We answer these questions PLUS give you top tips to prevent someone pinching your deals in this show.

Open Door #63

Ritchie and Ian streamed this Open Door show live from London, on the eve of the first day of the Property Investor Show 2021 at the ExCel. The Property Investor Show is the UK’s leading free to attend event for those serious about making money from property. We chat about how to get the maximum value out of events like this and give a sneak preview as to what propertyCEO will be up to at the show.

Open Door #62

Recently, there’s been lots of news stories about the shortages of construction materials caused by Covid-19, Brexit, the blockage of the Suez Canal and a shortage of delivery drivers. But what does this mean for both new developers as well as those that have projects currently underway? Should YOU be concerned? And how long will we have to wait until things get back to normal? It’s a subject that’s been on a lot of people’s minds, so we’re going to address it on this show

Open Door #61

Whenever anyone talks about joint ventures, they always highlight the importance of doing due diligence on anyone you’re going into business with – but no one ever actually says what that due diligence is!

On this show, we’re joined by Tim Bishop, owner of Bonallack & Bishop Solicitors, a law firm which specialises in a range of property related issues including: buying and selling residential and commercial property, title splitting, and, you guessed it, joint venture agreements!

Tim shares the kind of due diligence you should carry out on any joint venture partner and reveals his brand-new, exclusive joint-venture partner due diligence checklist. Tim is also an active property developer and investor in his own right, with experience of commercial to residential conversion, HMOs and serviced accommodation.

Open Door #60

Ritchie is joined by Adam Lawrence – and his crystal ball – to chat about the state of the property market and where it’s heading.

Adam brings invaluable insight to both finance and property. He began his career in wealth management before building a huge portfolio of properties, completing over 300 purchases in the last 10 years.

He is also co-founder of Partners In Property, a unique community for property people that hosts networking events across the country.

Open Door #59

Fresh from our summer break, we’re back with a new series of Open Door, bringing 45 minutes of pure property development insight and entertainment to your Thursday evenings.

In this show, we fill you in on the latest goings-on in the world of property development, including some important changes to Permitted Development Rights that came into effect just last month.

And there’s one particular question that a lot of people have been asking: What is the new ‘super Class G’, and how does it compare to the new Class MA? And what’s so ‘super’ about it? Keep watching as we unravel all the mysteries of class G

Open Door #58

Property development is one of the most highly leveraged business models in the world – you appoint a team of professionals to work for you that between them have centuries of experience and have built thousands of homes.

But how, exactly, do you pull this amazing team together? On this show, we explain not only how to find the right people, but also why they’ll be thrilled to work with you, even though you’ve never developed property before.

Open Door #57

This week we’re joined by award-winning property lawyer, Paul Sams, from top legal firm Dutton Gregory.

Paul’s seen it all when it comes to property development, both the good and the downright bad! He reveals how new developers can get an invaluable edge when it comes to their developments.

He also demonstrates how indispensable having a good property lawyer on your team can be – you may be surprised by the benefits!

Paul Sam’s book:…

Open Door #56

They say that money makes the world go round, and for the aspiring property developer, this is undoubtedly true.

The big question is, how do you get your hands on it?

Well in this show, Ritchie takes you through the five things that will make finding the money for your next property development project a lot easier.

Open Door #55

Are auctions back in the room yet? How has lockdown affected sellers and buyers?

And what does the future hold?

We’re joined by auction expert Russell Hartnell-Parker from Fox and Sons Auctioneers, to answer these questions and more.

02380 338066

Open Door #54

Back by popular demand, we’ve got our resident planning guru, Colin Smith, on the show to tell you about some important changes to the latest permitted development rights.

These are unprecedented times in the world of planning, so if you want to get the very latest info, be sure to tune in.

Open Door #53

This week’s news that the easing of lockdown restrictions will be delayed until 19th July was a huge blow for many.

But what does it mean for property development?

In this show, we’ll be looking at the impact the lockdown has had, and why another month’s lockdown could be viewed as an advantage for proactive developers.

Open Door #52

Finding money for developments is always a major concern for new developers, but could crowdfunding be the answer?

In recent years, this alternative to traditional lending has become well-established and now looks to be going from strength to strength.

We’re joined by CEO and co-founder of leading peer-to-peer lender CrowdProperty, Mike Bristow, to explain exactly how new developers can finance their projects through crowdfunding. He’ll also be giving us an up-to-the-minute view on how he sees the market, as well as explaining how crowdfunding can offer a number of key advantages over commercial lenders.

Find out more about CrowdProperty at Apply for funding for your property projects in just 5 minutes at Connect with and message Mike Bristow at

Do also follow CrowdProperty on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Open Door #51

The conversion of commercial buildings into residential homes has been happening for many years and has proved to be a very lucrative strategy for developers.

Thanks to permitted development rights, it’s still a great strategy – but how can you find an edge when so many developers are chasing the same thing?

In this show, we reveal the hidden opportunities that lie in today’s world of commercial conversions; opportunities that pass most developers by!

Open Door #50

We’re delighted to welcome back William Lucey, head of finance brokers Luc Capital, whose expertise is helping both new and established property developers find funding for their projects.

Not only will he be letting us know how developers can get the best chance of securing lending, he’ll be reflecting on the current market conditions and how he thinks it could affect developers going forward.

Luc Capital Limited disclaimer: Please note the inclusion of William Lucey’s comments in this video does not constitute personalised advice. For information about Luc Capital Limited, please visit the following website:

Open Door #49

We’re back with another series of Open Door to continue giving you the inside track on the world of small-scale property development.

And we’re hitting the ground running with special guest Duane Walker, director of one of the South of England’s leading chartered surveyors and commercial estate agents, Primmer Olds BAS.

Duane will be giving us his views on the market in 2021 and revealing some of the current opportunities for developers.

Open Door #48

Where do so many property people get it wrong? They fail to apply some basic business skills and knowledge to their new enterprise. And as a result, they often pay too much tax and fail to achieve their business goals. So what’s the solution?

In this show, our very own Business Coach, Jan Beldon, joins us to provide some answers. A qualified business coach and mentor with over 30 years’ business and finance leadership experience, Jan’s straight-talking approach will leave you in no doubt how you can make your business start firing on all cylinders.

Open Door #47

Money is the fuel for every development project, but exactly how easy is it to obtain development finance? And is it really possible to borrow 100% of what you need? Tune in to this Open Door session to hear property finance expert Rory O’Mara from Closed Bridging Finance explain all.

Open Door #46

Bigger developments equal bigger profits. So, what’s not to like?

Tune in this Open Door session to find out why, when it comes to development, the secret is understanding why small projects are the way to go. And if you’ve not thought about getting into development before, we’ll be explaining why these smaller projects might just tempt you in…

Open Door #45

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has just delivered the spring budget 2021, but what do this week’s announcements mean for property developers?

In this show, we highlight the budget’s impact on the property market and small-scale development.

Open Door #44

Property developers don’t build houses – their team do! So getting your professional team right is crucial to your success.

In this session, we break down a 5 step plan for putting together your ideal property development team.

Open Door #43

The coronavirus pandemic has plunged Britain’s economy into a recession, but what does this mean for property developers?

In this show, we’ll be sharing how you can get some of the best development deals during a recession.

Open Door #42

Buying a scheme that already has planning sounds ideal, doesn’t it? It’s boxed up and ready to go with less risk… Well think again!

In this show we’ll be telling you why buying a scheme with planning is not always the best solution…

We’ll also be giving you your weekly round-up of all of the important news affecting small-scale property development – you don’t want to miss it.

Open Door #41

The architect plays a key role in a developer’s professional team. But have you ever wondered how to find a good one, or when exactly to appoint one?

Well you’re in luck, because we’re joined by top architect Mike Sandhu of SC Architecture. He’ll be answering your questions and sharing how he sees 2021 unfolding in the development world.

We’ll also be giving you a round-up of all the latest news in the world of small-scale property development – there seems to be a lot going on at the moment!

Open Door #40

We’re back with your weekly round-up of the important news affecting property development.

We’ll be discussing the big issues for housing at the moment, from vaccine rollouts to business closures, and telling you why homes in London could soon have smaller windows than rest of UK!

Open Door #39

In this show we’ll be updating you on the latest news that affects the world of property development.

From housing market and construction news to Covid-19 and the economy, we’ll be filling you in on all you need to know.

Open Door #38

Last week we gazed into our crystal ball at some of the exciting things that are likely to happen over the next 12 months in the world of property development.

But how can you make sure that YOU have the best possible chance of achieving your own goals for 2021?

In this session we talk about the changes you can make that will give you the BEST possible chance of success – whatever goals you’ve set yourself.

Open Door #37

Happy New Year! We’re back with another series of Open Door to continue giving a boost of positivity to your Thursday evenings.

And fresh out of the blocks, we’re going to be asking a key question – what will 2021 have in store for us all in the world of property development?

Predictability wasn’t exactly a strong suit for 2020, so can we possibly make sense of 2021? Keep watching to find out!

Open Door #36

We thought 2020 had no more surprises in store, but how wrong we were! The last few days have seen yet another planning thunderbolt from the government’s Ministry of Housing. Just like buses…

And it’s one that looks set to take Permitted Development opportunities in England to a whole new level in 2021, as it allows for a raft of different building types to be converted into residential use without planning permission, irrespective of their size.

So join us for this last Open Door of the year, as we update you on this latest planning news and the opportunities it’s likely to bring. Plus we’ll be reflecting on what has been a unique year in so many respects and looking forward to what’s shaping up to be a really exciting 2021.

Open Door #35

We end a tumultuous year with a visit from one of our most popular guests, planning expert Colin Smith.

Given all of the planning changes in 2020, where does Colin see the biggest planning opportunities for small-scale developers as we head into 2021? And what has been the impact of these changes over the last few months?

Open Door #34

Well, Open Door #33 was so good that we just had to go again!

Lots of wide-ranging questions, covering many aspects of property development including how to get finance for your projects and a look at what sort of experience you need to get started in development.

Open Door #33

This show was your opportunity to ask us anything!

Ritchie and Ian answer your questions, shine a light on current opportunities and generally try to bring some positivity to your day.

Maybe you want to know where the market is headed? Or to find out the biggest mistakes that we see people make in development? The biggest opportunities in 2021? Perhaps you’ve just been wondering what Ritchie’s favourite biscuits are, and does he ever share them around…

Open Door #32

How can some people develop property without getting involved in all of the day-to-day stresses and strains?

And if you were new to development, how amazing would it be to have an experienced pair of eyes and ears talking to the contractor and the architect on your behalf?

Welcome to the Developer’s Secret Weapon a.k.a the Project Manager.

In this show we’re joined by project management and cost consulting expert Dan Stiles, head of Syndicate Project Management and DDS (UK) Consulting. Who better to give us insight into how a PM can make development A LOT easier for developers.

Open Door #31

Deals are essential for any developer, but there’s a few mistakes that new developers make that make it nigh impossible to secure them.

In this show, we help you avoid those mistakes by telling you how to deal with estate agents and vendors, and perhaps most importantly, how to look like a credible developer.

Open Door #30

Would you like to become more productive, less stressed and more successful? (who wouldn’t!)

Well, that’s exactly what this week’s Open Door guest helps her clients achieve.

On this show we were joined by top leadership and mindset coach, Cara Moore, who helps business owners and senior executives create the life they want through the power of her coaching.

And as one of propertyCEO’s very own mindset coaches, Cara knows exactly what mindset problems get in the way of most developers and their success, and how they can be addressed.

Open Door #29

Let’s be honest, pensions aren’t always the most exciting of subjects – but that can all change when it comes to property development!

As a developer, do you know how you could tap into the significant number of people with pensions who are able to lend you money?

And have you ever wondered whether you could you use your own pension pot to invest in property development?

To answer these questions and many others, we’re joined this week by leading pensions expert Kevin Whelan from WealthBuilders.

Open Door #28

How can you find development opportunities? And how do you know when a deal is a good one?

Well it involves much more than searching through Rightmove, that’s for sure! Keep watching to find out how you can find and secure deals with some out of the box thinking…

Open Door #27

Finding development finance is one of the biggest concerns of any aspiring developer. But exactly how easy is it to get the funding you need? Here, Ritchie and Ian give you the lowdown…

Open Door #26

What’s REALLY happening in today’s property development market? We reveal all, including the opportunities presented as we enter a recession, and why you shouldn’t believe everything you hear…

We also answered more of your questions, helping you make the most of the opportunities that are out there.

Open Door #25

On this show we were joined by Dominic Perrin of Bey-Perrin Properties and he’s got one heck of a CV: from Bomb Disposal Officer for the British Army, to Airline Captain, to Property Developer – this was certainly an interesting chat!

Open Door #24

If you need funds to do development and want to know what’s happening right NOW, this is a must watch!

William Lucey, commercial finance broker at Luc Capital Limited, joined us to talk about sourcing development finance from commercial lenders, reflecting on the current market conditions and how he thinks it could affect developers going forward.

Open Door #23

Contamination can often be hidden from view, and many developers acquire contaminated land unknowingly. Yet all too often the dreaded c-word can halt projects and create long-term problems and liabilities for the unsuspecting developer.

So, how can you determine if land is contaminated before you buy it?

And what can you do if it is?

Back by popular demand, Alec Smith of top environmental services company Artisan Environmental joined us to explain how you can handle any nasty surprises and protect yourself and your profit.

Open Door #22

We’re back after a summer break and quite a lot has happened since the last show back in July, not least in the world of planning. People have been asking some important questions:
What’s the best way of capitalising on the new Permitted Development rights that have come in just this month? What opportunities are thrown up for developers by the changes proposed in the government’s new White Paper? And how can developers take full advantage?
With all these planning changes going on, what better guest to have on our first show back than our resident planning expert, Mr Colin Smith of CJS Planning Services.

Open Door #21

In the last show of the season, Ritchie and Ian reflect on what we’ve learned over the last few months in this rather surreal place we all find ourselves. And of course they speculate on what the future might hold for people looking to do small-scale development in 2021 and beyond. Don’t worry – we’ll be back in September to pick up where we left off!

Open Door #20

Ritchie goes it alone and answers your questions, from the right time to start making offers in the current climate, to the ideal first project for a new developer – he covers a lot of ground in this one.

Open Door #19

Auctions can be a great place to nab some property bargains, but they can also have a sting in the tail for unsuspecting developers. That’s why we grabbed auction supremo Russell Hartnell-Parker from Fox and Sons Auctioneers to tell us exactly how we should be going about things. Is the auction room really where we should be looking for deals? And if so, what are the tricks of the trade we need to know about?

If you’ve ever thought that auctions sound a bit daunting, let’s see if Russell can put your mind at rest…

Open Door #18

Some seriously amazing content in this answer-packed session. How can you find development opportunities simply using Google Maps? What’s the best way of getting credibility with commercial agents? And what are the dos and don’ts of venturing on-site as a first-time developer – how should you behave in front of your team and make sure you garner respect from every quarter? All these and many more are answered by Ritchie and Ian during the show.

Open Door #17

As a developer, hiring an interior designer sounds expensive and possibly unnecessary. After all, how tricky can it be to choose carpets and curtains for relatively inexpensive flats? If that was your view, you’re in for a bit of a shock, as property developer and ex interior designer Jo Balston from New Light Property explains – instead of costing you money, your designer could actually make you money and sell your units more quickly. If only you knew how…

Open Door #16

Building a professional team can seem hugely daunting to many aspiring developers. How should they go about it, and how can they make sure they have the best possible chance of finding high-quality candidates? In this show, Ian reveals the key steps involved, plus we answer yet more questions from a knowledge-hungry audience!

Open Door #15

Asbestos and Japanese Knotweed are rarely at the front of every developer’s mind when it comes to planning a project, yet they can so easily catch you out. Alec Smith from Artisan Environmental gives us a fascinating insight into how these two nasties can derail developers, and critically, what you can do about it!

Open Door #14

The architect plays a critical role in all development projects, so it’s high time we got the low down on what makes them tick. Mike Sandhu from SC Architecture gets a grilling in this show and gives us a great insight into how we can get the most out of our design team on projects.

Open Door #13

In this show, we catch up with award-winning structural engineer and best-selling author Derek Mason of Super Structures Associates, who enlightens us on the essential role played by the structural engineer in a development project, plus the many pitfalls that can be avoided by asking the right questions.

Derek used to work for Ritchie in a previous life – but will he be dishing any dirt? There’s only one way to find out…

Open Door #12

Time is a pretty essential ingredient for getting anything done, but we’re not always that effective at using it wisely! In this show, Ritchie quizzes Ian on where most people waste time and what they can do to get some of it back.

We also consider whether pre-apps are a good idea, and why some commentators are predicting a relatively quick bounce back to the housing market despite the Bank of England’s dire ‘worst recession for 300 years’ message.

Open Door #11

The Party Wall Act can often have a sting in the tail for unsuspecting developers who don’t know their stuff, and it could easily lead to expensive delays. But a little knowledge can go a long way, and we’re lucky to have The Party Wall Guy himself, Dil Gujral from 1996 Party Wall Ltd, to give us the lowdown on what we really need to know as developers.

Open Door #10

The UK Government recently gave us a high-level overview of a radical overhaul of the planning system planned for later this year. They also gave us some clear pointers regarding the next wave of permitted development opportunities, which could prove extremely interesting for small-scale developers.

Who better than Ritchie and Ian to guide you through the key points, and zoom in on the golden nuggets!

Open Door #9

Contractors play a pivotal role in the property developer’s team, but what makes them tick? What are the mistakes that can catch new developers out, and how can they position themselves not only to find a good contractor, but also to keep the partnership working well once they’ve found one?

Who better to ask than leading contractors, CDM Group, and in particular their founder and CEO, Mark Legg. In this show, Mark fields some great questions – and gives some excellent answers – you really need to know this stuff!

Open Door #8

There are shirts. And then there are SHIRTS. And Paul Sams of top legal firm Dutton Gregory certainly wasn’t messing about on the sartorial front, when he gave us an amazing insight into what developers do wrong (or could do better) in this show.

See why Paul is one of the most in-demand legal briefs for top property developers, as he gives us the low-down on all things legal, and answers some great questions from the audience. Where else can you get award-winning property lawyers giving you their advice for free? Only on Open Door!

Open Door #7

Who said accountancy and tax is boring? In this great show, we invited entrepreneur, accountant, tax specialist, buy-to-let investor and property developer, Ray Khan from Fresh Accounting and Legal along, and he quickly proved that what he didn’t know about property tax and accounting wasn’t worth knowing!

Not only did we get some great questions answered, Ray also called out some of the key concepts that anyone involved in property should consider sooner rather than later.

Open Door #6

More great questions answered – like what are the five most common mistakes people make with their personal branding? And what are the challenges that face new developers seeking finance, and how do they overcome them?

There’s also a surprising yet entertaining gift from an allegedly anonymous source, and one of the presenters completely loses the plot and doesn’t know what day of the week it is.

Open Door #5

Getting funding is crucial for every developer, and for new developers in particular it can be an area they’re concerned about. On this show, we get to grips with CEO and co-founder of peer-to-peer lender Crowd Property, Mike Bristow, who explains not only why crowdfunding solutions are very friendly toward new developers, they can also offer a highly competitive and more customer-centric experience than commercial lenders.

We reckon Mike’s enthusiastic and compelling approach will be bound to pique your interest – both as a developer and an investor!

Open Door #4

Here at propertyCEO we critique every student’s website, and we’ve seen quite a few over the years. In this show, Ian reveals the five most common website mistakes he sees property people make, and explains why having a great website is so critical, particularly for someone who’s new to development. We also ask exactly how small is ‘small-scale’ development, and what sort of profits can you expect to make?

And, if that weren’t enough, we get a frankly alarming glimpse into the biscuit storage facility that currently doubles up as the propertyCEO recording studio.

Open Door #3

Yet another amazing guest on the show – this time it’s Duane Walker of commercial agents and valuation experts Primmer Olds BAS If you want to know where the commercial, industrial and retail markets are heading, where the best opportunities are likely to be, and what’s the best way to get into an agent’s little black book of preferred buyers, then this is definitely the show for you!

As ever, some great questions from Open Door’s loyal followers, plus a behind the scenes glimpse of the petty squabbling that goes into the making of every Open Door show. Enjoy!

Open Door #2

There was no messing on this one – we were straight in with a very common question: what experience do you need to be able to do small-scale property development? And does it help if you’ve invested in property before?

We were also asked what influence the regional coronavirus ‘R’ values should have on what, when, and where we develop property. Was there some banter? And possibly a few low blows thrown by both the presenters and the audience? You’ll just have to watch to find out…

Open Door #1

What a start to the new and improved Open Door show! There were virtual sombreros, a suspicion of fake tan, plus Ian got an upgraded set to work in – almost no expense was spared in bringing you the most positive 45 minutes of property talk out there!

Ian also introduced us to Esmeralda – the story that amply demonstrates why small-scale property development is the perfect solution for landlords and property investors looking to supercharge their portfolio growth. Have you considered becoming a landlord-developer?

Back in the day, our Open Door shows were called Support Sessions – you can watch them all, below:

Session 14

An emotional moment as the guys host their last ever Support Session. Some more great questions, including what to do if you’re having difficulty getting started on a new business venture, and how can you decide whether a new venture is right for you.

But, like a phoenix from the flames, your hosts will be returning in the form of the all-new Open Door sessions, with more banter, biscuits, and of course, answers to all your questions.

Session 13

Meet Sam Beddoe, head of Revive Holdings and former frontline police detective turned property developer. Having successfully turned her hand to single lets, HMOs, and Serviced Accommodation, find out what made Sam embark down the property development route. What were the things she found hardest, and what advice would she give to anyone else thinking about getting into development?

In other news, things have escalated on the dog training front, as four-legged Clapson junior sets the bar high with his book promotion photoshoot. Can the inexperienced Child hound possibly rival that?

Session 12

Wow, we covered a lot of ground in this one! You asked us how to look appealing to commercial lenders and private investors – not always easy if you’ve never done it before. And should you use the services of an interior designer, even if you’re only building billy-basic flats? Tons of questions – and tons of answers.

Some seasoned viewers were also thrown by Ian and Ritchie sitting on opposite sides of the screen for this session (these guys really know how to mix it up). Just one of the many reasons you won’t be confusing them with Ant and Dec anytime soon.

Session 11

In this session, we look at a range of different issues. What can you do if you’re struggling a little with your self-confidence right now? What’s happening in the world of commercial lending, and could modular construction play a bigger role in construction going forward.

And a very topical one – how do you manage the current storm of emails, virtual meetings, networking sessions, Facebook groups, and other social media activity when there’s so much going on?

Session 10

Some great questions from a knowledge-hungry audience! Like what three things do you need to have in place before you start developing property? And how do you keep nervous private investors interested at a time when there’s so much uncertainty around?

These and many other questions are answered in a session which also included dog-envy, some hair-baiting from the audience, but refreshingly no mention of biscuits.

Session 9

A rare opportunity to get the inside track on what estate agents are thinking right now. What do they make of the market conditions, and better still, how can you get in their little black book and put yourself in the best place for learning about new opportunities before they reach the market?

Today the guys are joined by leading independent estate agent, Andrew Furnell of Taylor, Hill and Bond, who answers some challenging questions and gives us the low down on where the market might be heading and what could lie around the corner.

Session 8

Want to know the five biggest mistakes people make with their elevator pitches (and why it’s SO important to get it right)?

Ian also explains why development is a good fit for existing property investors and landlords and shines a light on co-living, while Ritchie explains why targeting the ‘need’ market rather than the ‘want’ market is such a good strategy.

Session 7

A great opportunity to get an insight into what’s happening at the coalface in property development, as Dan Stiles of DDS Consulting reports on what project managers and cost consultants are seeing in the industry, and how the future is likely to shape up.

In other news, Ian has a stab at predicting what sort of exit curve we’re likely to see for the recession, while Ritchie makes some unwarranted comments about haircuts and uses a marathon-running analogy that fooled absolutely no one.

Session 6

More questions and answers from the fascinating world of property development, plus Ian gives some great tips on how you can use your body to make yourself happier and more successful.

Ritchie also talks about the considerations when looking at projects in Special Protection Areas and other sites and areas with planning restrictions in place.

Session 5

What’s the future of planning? And where will the big opportunities be in small scale property development over the coming months and years?

In this session we’re joined by Colin Smith of CJS Planning Services who casts a light on all things planning-related, while answering some great questions from the audience.

If you need help with any planning questions, you can contact Colin through his website

Session 4

This session takes a look at how we can all be more productive now that we find ourselves cooped up indoors, working from home. We also share thoughts on what things you should consider if you’re thinking about doing your first project, and what you can be doing NOW to get a competitive edge.

There’s also a complete over-reaction from one of the presenters who seems to be a bit touchy in the follicle department, although you might not spot it.

Session 3

Are you up for taking the 1K Challenge? In this session, Ian shares some great practical ideas on how we can save some serious amounts of cash in these challenging times – better still, it only takes a few hours of your time to accomplish. Wearing his deeply suspect IT Director’s badge, Ritchie eventually manages to get a handle on the IT and invites Dan Stiles of leading project management company and cost consultancy, DDS Consulting, on the line to get some insight on what’s happening right now with development costs in the market.

And Ian makes a special effort to dress up for the occasion only to come in for some harsh criticism from the fashionistas in the audience.

Session 2

As we enter a recession what will happen to our town centres, and how does this present an opportunity for people looking to get into property development? Ritchie shares his thoughts on what will happen next, explaining why he thinks there’s a big opportunity on the horizon. In other news, Ian tells us what we can do to get ourselves in the best possible financial shape NOW, as we go through some really tough times, whether we’re business owners or employees.

The crowd got in on the act early on, with some predictable biscuit references and ‘which one’s Dec?’ comments. But, aside from a borderline-offensive Saint and Greavsie comment by a known troublemaker, the attendees were otherwise in fine fettle.

Session 1

In this, the first of the propertyCEO Support Sessions, Ritchie talks us through some of the opportunities that are likely to be around the corner in the world of property development, while Ian shares ten great tips for making the most of the additional time we all now have as a result of the coronavirus lock-down, regardless of what business or job you’re in.

For some reason, there are also a number of biscuit references from what we assume were a fairly hungry audience.