The propertyCEO Training Team

Ritchie Clapson


  • Ritchie has over 35 years’ experience in the property and construction business. As a qualified structural engineer he has worked on projects both large and small, including such landmark developments as the London 2012 Olympic Stadium and the Wimbledon retracting roof
  • During that time he has run numerous businesses in the fields of property development, structural engineering, manufacturing and property training, as well as hosting various property development meetings and clubs
  • An established property meeting host and deal clinic expert Ritchie is a regular visiting expert and panelist at property training events across the UK
  • He also personally mentors a select group of property developers on a 1:1 basis, runs various joint venture partnerships on commercial conversions, and provides guidance on individual projects to a broad range of clients
  • Ritchie is also an acknowledged expert on business transformation, and is the co-founder of a specialist business training and strategy company

Ian Child

  • Ian has over 30 years’ experience in corporate leadership, having led a pan-European business unit for one of the world’s largest private equity companies
  • Since leaving corporate life Ian has co-founded a property development business which specialises in new build and commercial conversion projects
  • He has also co-founded an online marketing company and has numerous other commercial ventures and partnerships
  • He started his property journey whilst still in a corporate job, converting HMOs to create passive income
  • Ian has a passion for understanding how people can perform more successfully and in particular how we can learn from the way in which high achievers operate
  • He now focuses much of his efforts on growing his property and marketing businesses and expanding the range of personal development solutions offered through the personalCEO brand