The 4-Day Property Development Masterclass

One of the challenges faced by any new developer is that, no matter how much theory they’ve learned, there’s no substitute for the real thing. When we created propertyCEO we wanted students to be able to understand the reality of goes on with a live development.  So we bought a commercial/light industrial conversion project and filmed the entire development from start to finish. Then we turned it into a 4-day LIVE workshop where students can experience the property development journey, warts and all!

Hosted by Ritchie and Ian, the workshop really does cover the end-to-end of a development project. The story begins when we first came across the property to be converted and follows our journey through every stage right through to the sale of the completed units. Best of all, there were plenty of bumps in the road that we had to negotiate and you get to see EXACTLY what they were and how we got around them.

The workshop content is incredibly varied, with live training, breakout sessions, practical hands-on activities, and video walkthroughs PLUS we also interviewed our team of professionals while they were working on the project to give you an inside track. It really is the perfect way of consolidating your learning and in our view it’s the closest thing to doing your own project as you can get.

The 4-day Masterclass is certainly not all work and no play. Not only will you be invited to attend the Masterclass Dinner as our guest, but you’ll also have time over the four days to build some great relationships with your fellow students. Lunch plus copious amounts of tea, coffee and cake are provided each day, and many students elect to stay overnight at the hotel and to experience the local restaurants and nightlife with their fellow students.

The 4-Day Property Development Masterclass workshop is held twice annually in March and September. Tickets and the Full Information Pack cost £6,000 + VAT and are available exclusively to propertyCEO mentorship students.