Frequently Asked Questions

Who is propertyCEO for?

We train business owners, entrepreneurs, landlords, and property professionals how to generate wealth through property development. With 65+ years of business and property knowledge under our belts, experience has taught us that these people typically have the ideal set of skills to take advantage of the property development model, even if they have no previous development experience.

As business owners ourselves we recognise the challenges that many business owners face; the entrepreneur’s dream can easily become a nightmare when profits, cashflow and sales fail to materialise when they’re supposed to. Creating a second income using property development whilst still being able to run your existing business can be a great way to get back on track financially and can over time allow you to generate significant 6 or 7 figure returns.

What skills do I need to be a property developer?

The beauty of property development is that the developer makes most of the profit yet he or she acts primarily as a coordinator. You don’t need to project manage or lay bricks or draw plans. Having found a suitable project, your role is to hire other people to do this for you and to coordinate their efforts. Business owners, landlords, and property professionals already possess the core qualities needed to do this, namely good communication, management, organisational, and people skills. In fact, they use these skills every day without thinking they could also use them to develop property!

Do I need to have a large amount of my own capital to develop property?

No. Property development provides much higher returns than most other investments and with interest rates where they are, there’s a huge amount of investment capital out there looking to find property projects to invest in.

You can choose to use your own cash if you wish, but we teach our clients how to obtain most if not all of the finance they need, externally through private and commercial lenders.

How does propertyCEO differ to other training companies?

We don’t sell training courses. Our job is to help our clients transform their lives through property development. We do that by making sure we only work with a select group of people; people that we’ve spoken to personally and assessed that they have what it takes to be successful as a developer. You can’t buy our services online; entry is by invitation only once we’ve got to know you – and we don’t offer a range of other services unrelated to the business owners that we serve.

When people have a burning need or desire to create a better financial situation for themselves, they don’t want a sticking plaster – they want a solution. Our only job is to provide that solution.

Why is property development better than other property investment strategies?

The main reason is that the returns are greater for the volume of effort deployed when compared to other types of property strategy. We also know that the students we invite into the programme already have the core skills to develop property; they simply need to learn some additional knowledge and how to channel those skills to make it happen.

That’s the part that propertyCEO delivers.

Why do you only serve business owners, landlords and property professionals?

Quite simply because in our experience they get the best results. They also often have the biggest need. A high proportion of businesses fail within 3 years, and even for successful companies, the journey can often be a stressful one. Long hours, little rewards, poor cashflow and the realisation that what started out as a dream has simply turned into a job, and not a very pleasant job at that. An unknown future often awaits. Similarly, the lot of the landlord is no longer a very happy one, with many now deciding to exit the market. We aim to help our clients create a substantial second revenue stream that enables them to move quite often from a dark and stressful place in their current business to one where their financial worries are behind them.

Is now a good time to be a developer?

We think now is possibly the perfect time to become a developer. Sweeping improvements to the planning system, increased Permitted Development rights for developers, a significant recession, the impact of the new working-from-home culture, and the government’s commitment to have SME developers play a key role in achieving their goal of 300,000 new homes each year – all of these combine to make now a seriously good time to get yourself trained and to take action. 

As is the case with every previous recession, there are a small number that made their fortune and many others who look back and only wished they’d had the foresight to take the opportunity when it was there.

How can I find out more about your services?

If you feel we may be able to help, simply register for our free training session by clicking the button below, and then book a call with us where we can have a one-to-one conversation about what you’re looking to achieve.

We’ll work out between us whether there’s a good fit, and we can take things from there.

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