Quite simply, property generates wealth

At propertyCEO, we train people how to develop property. Whilst we think all property investment is good, nothing in our experience gives as good a return on your investment of time and effort as property development. And why is the return so good? It’s a question of scale; development deals typically target much higher-value margins, often returning 6 and 7 figure profits. And to be honest, you’d need to buy quite a few buy to lets to get that sort of return.

Now if the thought of £ multi-million property deals seems rather scary and out of your comfort zone – that’s perfectly normal! Our goal is to EXPAND your comfort zone – and one of the great things about property development is that you can start on smaller projects first and then work your way up to larger ones if you want to, once you’ve learned the ropes.

At propertyCEO we have a simple philosophy

The route to success in property development lies not in trying to learn how to do everything yourself, or by learning from your mistakes as you go. That’s the slow and painful way. Our approach is very simple; use your existing management and work-related skills to leverage the lifetime of skills learned by others in areas outside of your own knowledge.

We’ll teach you how to build a team of experts that become associated with your business, giving you both the expertise and credibility you need to be successful in winning deals and getting projects completed.

But what if you’ve never run your own business before?

That’s why we created BusinessBuilder, to teach you the business skills you need to run your property business effectively whether you’re doing it full-time or alongside your day job.

We’ll teach you how to set up your business; how to structure things, how to easily create an online presence and a brand so that you can build instant credibility. In fact all of the details you need to get your business started, or to optimise and recalibrate your business if you already have one.

In fact we’re confident that what ever level of business experience you have, you will learn a great deal from Business Builder – and it’s included within the propertyCEO Foundation course.

Your mindset is critical to your success

That’s true in every area of life and property is no exception. With first hand experience of running high performing teams, we like to think we know a thing or two about getting the best out of people. The personalCEO Foundation programme will give you the tools you need to get the very best out of yourself.

We show you how YOU currently work so that you can reprogramme yourself to be a lot more effective at what you do. We share some of the success routines that highly successful people use and which you too can tailor to fit YOUR lifestyle. Plus your amazing journey in the personalCEO Time Machine will enable you to create the time you need to become a successful propertyCEO. The personalCEO Foundation modules are included as part of the propertyCEO Foundation course.

It all starts with a firm Foundation

The propertyCEO Foundation course gives you the perfect grounding in property development; an end-to-end understanding of the complete development cycle, an overview of how to set up a great business and the mindset tools you need to transform your personal effectiveness and success.

You will quickly and easily start to learn the skills that will leverage property development to not only transform your long-term financial future, but also to start generating substantial wealth for you in the short-term. Better still, you don’t need to give up your day job – we show you how you can start your property development journey in your spare time.