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Let us teach you how to make money from developing property, even if you've no previous property experience.

We'll show you how to set up a highly lucrative property development model that you can operate alongside your existing business or career.

We'll help you create a separate profit stream that takes your income from ordinary to awesome.

Small scale property development projects can be perfect for landlords and investors, allowing them to supercharge their results

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Someone who creates wealth by working for yourself and not for others.


Someone who looks to build passive income and long-term equity growth.


Someone who’s worked in the property industry with expertise in a particular discipline. Someone who has seen the benefits that property development can bring.

But no matter what you do, one thing’s for sure; there must be easier ways of earning a living.

Profit and loss? Cashflow? These are words that all too often keep business owners awake at night. What about downtime and holidays? Spending time with loved ones? Often what starts out as the most flexible job in the world can very easily become something a lot more stressful and time-consuming.

As for property investors, their domain used to be a relatively safe bet. But now, so much of the benefit has been eroded by penal tax changes, and the impact of COVID-19 has meant yet another potential hammer-blow for landlords.

Property professionals also find themselves in uncertain times. Yet they already hold much of the knowledge that could enable them to take on the most profitable role in their industry – the role of property developer. 

No matter which situation you’re in, most people are enduring some very uncertain times right now. Businesses are struggling, and jobs that were once thought of as safe havens have proved to be anything but.

The question is; how can you leverage the skills you already have to create additional wealth to protect your long-term future, without having to give up your day-job or learn a new career from scratch?

That’s where propertyCEO can help

You already know that property and wealth go hand in hand. In fact around a quarter of the Sunday Times Rich List made their fortunes through property (and have you ever met a poor property developer?).

But surely property development must be complicated? Don’t you need to have lots of experience and contacts? And plenty of your own money to invest?

And surely you couldn’t do it while running your current business or having a separate career?

Well here’s the thing; if you thought that, you’d be wrong on all four counts.

Let’s Bust A Few Property Myths…

propertyCEO offers a different solution…

We teach business owners, landlords, and property professionals how to develop property.

We bring together over 65 years of property and business experience specifically to help our students get from where they are today to where they want to be, even if they’ve never considered property investment or development before.

We teach our students how to leverage the skills they already have …and we give you the property business skills AND the mindset support to take action and create extraordinary transformations in your life.

One of the best parts about development is the leverage; you’ll be able to create a lucrative second income without having to give up your existing business, investment or career. In short, we’re the bridge that connects people with their goals by giving them the skills, knowledge and credibility to create a highly successful property development business.

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