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“I have attended several very well-known property seminar/courses etc, however this is the first one where you are taught to structure your property business first – as well as learning about proven property strategies.

The course programme was well delivered and content was of a very high standard. The value for money was incredible.

Ritchie and Ian are two very genuine, conscientious individuals who really do care about their students’ successes. Their networks, exeperience and advice are second to none and 100% trustworthy.”

Shelley W.

“I would unhesitatingly recommend the propertyCEO course to anyone with aspirations to property development, whether you have any experience in the property world or not. The content is fully comprehensive and will give you a toolbox of all you need to start your own property development company. The content is very well presented in video and webinar format and the enthusiasm, knowledge and encouragement  of Ritchie and Ian, the course presenters, is just what’s required for those with the desire to succeed.”

Yvonne L.

“The programme was excellent in many ways. The content was laid out systematically in digestible pre-recorded lessons that I could listen to at any time, and the weekly Q&A/deal sessions made the content more real.

Surprisingly the part which benefitted me the most was the mindset element. I was already deeply familiar with the concepts they taught, but the way they were mapped to property development was invaluable. This gave me just what I needed, psychologically speaking, to fast track my goal of taking over the family’s development business. I’m now confidently orchestrating planning consultants, architects, etc for some very high-value schemes.

Mastery in anything is all about knowledge and experience, and the knowledge boost I got from the programme was fantastic. Lots of people are offering property training these days, but with Ian and Ritchie, you sense an authenticity rarely seen elsewhere.

I’m delighted that I participated in the programme and would recommend it to aspiring property developers who want to speed up their journeys.”

Fahed B.

“The live Q&A sessions are very helpful to clear any doubts or ambiguity about the course matter as you progress.

Guidance is given right from the formation of the company structure and how to find people with different skills in the construction industry to leverage their experience.

In short it is a very comprehensive course which gives A to Z steps and guidance from forming a company to sourcing a project and disposing of it.

Lifetime access to the online course material is really helpful so that one can go back and refresh one’s knowledge.

Mansoor M.

“The courses are structured very well – it is a business, and we need to get all the team together to head for achieving our business’s objectives. They taught important points that some entrepreneurs and property investors miss (CEO’s mindsets, for example).

Thank you, Ritchie and Ian, for delivering such a content-rich course that indeed no one else is holding.”

Yoko W.


“I’ve been blown away by the potential value this will have…”


“Real value and knowledge that can be used straight away”


“Exactly what I was looking for”


“I’m a cynic, now I’m a fan of Ian and Ritchie”


“Extremely professional”


“Passionate about their teachings, they make it fun and valuable… puts you on the path to move forward. “


“Highly recommended”


“…exactly what I needed to get me started on this journey”


“First class”


“propertyCEO transformed my perception of my capabilities. My belief in myself and what is possible has made my dream very real”


“…content-rich, interesting and inspiring”


“…rich in content and great value”


“propertyCEO has a lot to offer to get you off to a good start as a developer”


“Absolutely fantastic!”


“propertyCEO has escalated the process and made 10-unit development projects a reality”


“I would recommend this course to anyone”