Our Training Courses

Please find below details of our current training programmes. Please note that all programmes are delivered in a COVID-friendly format – please see notes at the foot of this page.


The Property Development Fast Track Workshop is a 3-day intensive learning programme designed for people looking to get into property development. It is ideally suited to these looking to move quickly and who want to understand the key areas of finding deals, raising finance and establishing credibility, as well as gaining an overarching understanding of the end-to-end development process. It is also the perfect starting point for those considering our 6-month Mentorship programme.

The cost of the Property Development Fast Track Workshop is £1,497 +VAT. Where students subsequently enrol in our Mentorship Programme, the price they paid for the Fast Track Workshop is deducted from the bill.


The propertyCEO Mentorship Programme is our flagship training product; a six-month mentorship programme designed to take people to a point where they are comfortably able to acquire their first project. It is the most comprehensive training product of its type, and the number of students admitted is strictly limited. Access is by invitation only. To find out more about the programme, please take a look at the prospectus and then watch the “Why Now” webinar by clicking the button below. You will then be able to book a call with us where we can discuss your goals and explore whether our training may be a good fit.

Watch The “Perfect Storm” Webinar

The propertyCEO Mentorship Programme enrolment costs £14,000 +VAT. This is payable as a single payment of £7,000 +VAT at the start of the programme and 5 subsequent monthly payments of £1,400+ VAT. A discounted fee of £12,500 +VAT is available for those wishing to pay the enrolment fee as a single upfront payment.

* An important note about COVID-19. All of our training products have been designed to be delivered remotely, as follows:

The Fast Track Workshop is a virtual workshop, delivered via our GoToMeeting software (similar to Zoom). Students are visible to each other as are the trainers, and numbers are kept to a maximum of 20 students per workshop to ensure the workshop is interactive for everyone. Your workbook is delivered postally in advance of the event, and your access to the recordings, templates, deal analysers, etc is accessed via our online training portal. There is no direct physical interaction and the workshop is 100% accessible remotely.

The 6-month Mentorship Programme is delivered via a combination of different platforms and media. All of the video tutorials, deal analysers, and templates are accessed via our online training portal, a comprehensive training library to which students have lifetime access. The weekly interactive Q&A sessions with Ritchie and Ian are delivered via our webinar software. All one-to-one interactions with Business Coaches, Mindset Coaches, Accountability Coaches, Branding Coaches and Technical Coaches are conducted by telephone or interactive GoToMeeting video conferencing. The Academy Training Days are held in a hotel conference centre, with appropriate social distancing. These sessions can also be joined live via remote video conferencing, and all virtual attendees participate in exactly the same way as those that are physically present. Where lockdown prevents Academy Days from taking place in the room, we are able to deliver these sessions 100% remotely via our purpose-built broadcasting studio.