Success: It’s All In The Mindset

propertyCEO’s 12-Month Mentorship Programme is arguably the most comprehensive property development training that exists anywhere. In development, the devil can quite often lie in the detail, and it’s the detail that undeniably gets comprehensively covered in our expert teaching, as any number of our students will testify to. But unfortunately, simply knowing a lot of information is no guarantee of success.

Ian Child

That’s because it’s down to us as individuals to take the necessary action to leverage that knowledge. And this is where the process so often breaks down. Learning is one thing, but implementing is another, as Ian Child explains; “Too often we get in our own way and this can prevent us moving forward. Whether it’s fear of taking action, poor time-management, feeling like an imposter or simply good old procrastination; these all act as barriers to our success. It’s a very common theme – and by making performance coaching an integral part of propertyCEO’s training from Day 1, we’ve been able to help students break through those barriers and move forward successfully.” 

Ian’s team of highly qualified executive and performance coaches play a critical role in helping students not only overcome these all-too-common challenges, but also discover new tools and techniques that can help move them forward . After all, there’s a reason that top CEOs employ professional executive coaches – they simply want to be the best they can be, and they recognise that the optimum way of doing that is employing qualified experts to help them perform at their best. 

Meet propertyCEO’s Performance Coaching Team

Cara Moore

David Butterworth

Karin Mueller

Jacqueline Heron

Headed up by Cara Moore, propertyCEO’s team of highly experienced performance coaches work one-to-one with students to help them make the mindset changes necessary to get the results they are looking for. All coaching sessions are always entirely confidential, and critically don’t follow a prescribed route, as Cara explains, “Everyone has different challenges, and while many of these may be similar, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to executive coaching. The coaching team are experts at unearthing the key limiting behaviours that are affecting a student, and that becomes the basis for a highly personalised solution.”

While no one is immune to feelings of fear, imposter syndrome or procrastination, mindset coaching isn’t solely about solving problems; “Many students benefit from learning new ideas and techniques that they may not have encountered before; ideas that can push them forward more quickly and more successfully. Performance coaching is not just about fixing problems, it also gives people the tools they need to go from good to great.”

What Students Are Saying About Their Performance Coaching Experience…

“I cannot recommend my coach enough, we had a very open, honest and fun relationship right from the get-go. They ask the right questions and allow you the time to think through your response, coming to your own conclusions.”


“Mindset coaching is the most important part of the training.”


“I’ve come to realise that the mindset aspect is probably the most significant element that will decide if I succeed or fail in this endeavour. My coach encouraged me to re-evaluate some perspectives and change some approaches and attitudes to activities that in some cases proved instantly valuable.”


“I found the Mindset Coaching calls extremely helpful in identifying the actions that would have the most positive impact, allowing me to focus on those and ignore the noise. They helped me to set better and more practical goals and stay positive, all of which has been essential in in moving my business forward.”