“Getting the inside track on property insurance…”

Insurance is a necessary part of everyday life, and property is no different. Whether you’re a developer or a landlord, insurance is an essential ingredient in your business, and it’s one that you need to know you can rely on should the worst happen. Unfortunately, it’s also one of a thousand different things that property people have to worry about, and as a result it can sometimes become something of an afterthought.

Today we welcome Heather Gatrell from commercial insurance broker HGI to the studio to tell us about the common challenges that face property people when it comes to insurance, and how having a good broker on your side can help ensure that you not only have the protection you need, but also the benefit of a guiding hand in the event of a claim.

We also learn that one of the co-presenters has a secret passion for studying insurance documentation (but only the pictures).

The propertyCEO Podcast gives you an inside track in the world of property for investors and developers, both new and experienced. Your two hugely experienced hosts discuss a wide range of subjects, while usually managing to disagree about something. A highly relevant yet often irreverent look at the world of property from many different perspectives, the propertyCEO Podcast is your one stop shop for tips, anecdotes, and highly useable property and business information.

Please note that the ideas and information given in this podcast are provided for general information only and do not constitute advice. You should always seek the guidance of a suitably qualified insurance professional before taking any actions regarding your own insurance cover, so that a solution can be tailored to your individual circumstances.

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Hosts: Ian Child and Ritchie Clapson


To contact HGI please visit their website or call 02380 697111



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