“Making sure you look the part”

As someone who’s either new to property development or may be thinking about getting into it, how can you get the credibility you need to be taken seriously? After all, if you’ve got no previous experience, surely that puts you at a big disadvantage?

Ritchie Clapson has worked with property developers for over 35 years and in this episode he gives the inside track on what skills you REALLY need to become a developer. He also shares how you can present yourself as a highly credible property business owner even if you’ve never worked on a development before.

We also hear how Ritchie nearly regains his home-made IT Director’s badge despite coming perilously close to ending his speaking career in what would undoubtedly have been a blaze of glory.

The propertyCEO Podcast gives you an inside track in the world of property for investors and developers, both new and experienced. Your two hugely experienced hosts discuss a wide range of subjects, whilst usually managing to disagree about something. A highly relevant yet often irreverent look at the world of property from many different perspectives, the propertyCEO Podcast is your one stop shop for tips, anecdotes, and highly useable property and business information.

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Hosts: Ian Child and Ritchie Clapson




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