“Show Me The Money”

Money may be the root of all evil, but it’s still pretty essential when it comes to property development. In fact one of the great things about property is that you’re able to leverage other people’s money; you don’t actually need to have to have any of your own to invest.

So where does this money come from? Ritchie Clapson from propertyCEO has been talking to leading commercial finance broker, Terry Rice of TJR Commercial, who gives us the lowdown on how your broker could help you secure the funds you need.

Terry also gives us the inside track on what the banks are looking for when they assess your application and how you can make yourself look as attractive as possible to them, so that you have the very best chance of getting the finance you’re looking for.

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Guest: Terry Rice of TJR Commercial

email: TJR@AlliottWingham.com

 Hosts: Ian Child and Ritchie Clapson




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