Event Q&A

Here are some common questions and answers relating to propertyCEO’s Academy Days and Developers Club in-the-room events:

Where do the Academy Day and Developers Club in-the-room events take place?

Crowne Plaza Hotel Birmingham NEC, Pendigo Way, Birmingham NEC, West Midlands, B40 1PS

What equipment should I bring with me on the day?

We recommend that you bring a device such as a laptop, tablet or phone as you may want to access the internet during the event. Be sure to pack a charger too if you need one!

What else should I bring with me?

Please bring a jumper or sweater along with you – the room is air conditioned and can be on the cool side.

What time does each Academy Day start and end?

Academy Day registration is from 9.30am with a 10.00am start. The event ends at 4.30pm.

What time does each Developers Club event start and end?

For Developers Club events, registration is from 8.30am with a 9.00am start. The event ends at 5.00pm.

Will food and drinks be provided?

Yes, we will provide tea, coffee and pastries on arrival and throughout the day. There will also be a hot buffet lunch in the hotel restaurant.

How can I let you know about any special dietary requirements?

Any dietary requirements have been agreed during you onboarding call. We will send you an email ahead of each event that will allow you to stipulate any dietary requirements or changes.

Is free parking available at the events?

Yes, there is ample parking at the hotel. To avoid being charged you will need to register your car at reception or with the propertyCEO Events Team on arrival.

Am I able to bring along a relative, life partner or business partner? 

Yes, we allow graduates to bring along one guest subject to the payment of a nominal fee to cover overhead costs. Please inform events@propertyceo.co.uk if you wish to bring a guest along.

Can I reschedule one of my Academy Days?

We will agree your Academy Day dates with you when you first join the Mentorship programme to ensure that you are available. If you later need to change any of the dates we will do our best to accommodate this subject to availability. Please note that we charge a fee for rescheduling Academy Days. Also, please be aware that your Developers Club dates will not change if you reschedule an Academy Day.

Can I reschedule one of my Developers Club event days?

We regret that we are unable to reschedule the Developers Club event days that are included as part of your 12-month Mentorship programme.

Can I continue with my Developers Club membership after my 12-month Mentorship expires?

Yes, we will contact you at the end of your 12-month mentorship to ask if you’d like to continue with your Developers Club membership, and will confirm the pricing.

Do you run any WhatsApp or group chats?

No, propertyCEO does not run or moderate any groups. Students often run group chats amongst themselves so it’s always worth checking with your fellow students.

Is there a social networking event prior to the workshops?

Academy Day – No, we do not run any social events before the workshop. However, we do encourage networking and arranging to meet up with fellow students.

Developers Club – Yes, if you are part of Developers Club there will be a social get together the evening prior to the workshop. Details for this will be sent in your Developers Club email prior to the workshop.

Am I able to have a 1-1 with Ritchie and or Ian at these events?

Yes Ritchie and Ian are more than happy to have a chat.

On Academy days we offer end of session 1-1s after 4:30pm where you can book yourself a slot. Make sure you book yourself in with the Events Team on the day or prior to the workshop by contacting events@propertyceo.co.uk.

On Developers Club we do not offer end of session 1-1s. However, Ritchie and Ian are always happy to have a private chat and will most likely grab you during a lunch or break. Please inform the Events Team on the day or prior to the workshop at events@propertyceo.co.uk.

Can I get discounted accommodation?

If you need to book accommodation, please use this LINK to go to the hotel’s website. If you select the corporate ID option and use the code 787051681 this will sometimes give you a better rate than what you might achieve elsewhere. There are also several hotels in the surrounding area.

I’ve received a parking fine while parked at the hotel for an event, what should I do?

If you have registered your vehicle during the workshop but still receive a parking fine please send your notice document through to events@propertyceo.co.uk and we will rectify this for you.

You will automatically receive emails regarding each workshop you are eligible to attend. If you have any queries please contact events@propertyceo.co.uk