Industrial to Residential Conversions

Hear what top property journalist and YPN magazine co-editor, Raj Beri, had to say about the book…

Industrial to residential property conversions are currently one of the most lucrative yet little-known property strategies around. The ability to earn six-figure profits from each one of these projects, working part-time sounds incredible – and in this book, Ian Child and Ritchie Clapson from propertyCEO lift the veil on exactly how it can be done.

Better still, it doesn’t require you to have development experience or pots of money. You’ll find out how you can earn these levels of income leveraging other people’s expertise and other people’s money, even if you have no investment cash of your own.

As ever timing is critical. Permitted development rights currently exist that allow you to convert certain types of industrial building to residential use, WITHOUT full planning permission. But this is available only for the short-term, and the people that will capitalise are the ones who act NOW.

There’s also a relative lack of competition because most experienced developers are simply UNAWARE this opportunity exists. And these types of projects are too small to appeal to larger housebuilders, which means there’s a great opportunity for the smaller developer to capitalise on.

In this compelling new read, Ian and Ritchie give you a detailed, inside track on this great strategy along with the blueprint you need to be able to convert these buildings successfully.

Now fully updated to reflect the latest Permitted Development Right changes introduced in August 2021.