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The coronavirus pandemic has touched everyone in the country, and many small businesses both inside and outside the world of property are feeling the consequences. In these regular free webinars, Ritchie and Ian offer some practical advice on what can be done to move businesses forward, and to help their owners get back in control, by creating a game plan for now and for the future.

These Open Door shows are completely free to join and open to absolutely everyone. You’re welcome to submit any questions you may have during the show and the guys will do their best to help. Check back here to watch recordings of previous shows, and to register for the next live show. We look forward to seeing you on the next one!

The next live webinar will take place at 7.00pm this coming Tuesday 2nd June. To join us live, simply click the button below.


Watch our previous Open Door shows below:

Open Door #4

Here at propertyCEO we critique every student’s website, and we’ve seen quite a few over the years. In this show, Ian reveals the five most common website mistakes he sees property people make, and explains why having a great website is so critical, particularly for someone who’s new to development. We also ask exactly how small is ‘small-scale’ development, and what sort of profits can you expect to make?

And, if that weren’t enough, we get a frankly alarming glimpse into the biscuit storage facility that currently doubles up as the propertyCEO recording studio.

Open Door #3

Yet another amazing guest on the show – this time it’s Duane Walker of commercial agents and valuation experts Primmer Olds BAS  If you want to know where the commercial, industrial and retail markets are heading, where the best opportunities are likely to be, and what’s the best way to get into an agent’s little black book of preferred buyers, then this is definitely the show for you!

As ever, some great questions from Open Door’s loyal followers, plus a behind the scenes glimpse of the petty squabbling that goes into the making of every Open Door show. Enjoy!

Open Door #2

There was no messing on this one – we were straight in with a very common question: what experience do you need to be able to do small-scale property development? And does it help if you’ve invested in property before?

We were also asked what influence the regional coronavirus ‘R’ values should have on what, when, and where we develop property. Was there some banter? And possibly a few low blows thrown by both the presenters and the audience? You’ll just have to watch to find out…

Open Door #1

What a start to the new and improved Open Door show! There were virtual sombreros, a suspicion of fake tan, plus Ian got an upgraded set to work in – almost no expense was spared in bringing you the most positive 45 minutes of property talk out there!

Ian also introduced us to Esmeralda – the story that amply demonstrates why small-scale property development is the perfect solution for landlords and property investors looking to supercharge their portfolio growth. Have you considered becoming a landlord-developer?

Back in the day, our Open Door shows were called Support Sessions – you can watch them all, below:

Session 14:

An emotional moment as the guys host their last ever Support Session. Some more great questions, including what to do if you’re having difficulty getting started on a new business venture, and how can you decide whether a new venture is right for you.

But, like a phoenix from the flames, your hosts will be returning in the form of the all-new Open Door sessions, with more banter, biscuits, and of course, answers to all your questions.

Session 13:

Meet Sam Beddoe, head of Revive Holdings and former frontline police detective turned property developer. Having successfully turned her hand to single lets, HMOs, and Serviced Accommodation, find out what made Sam embark down the property development route. What were the things she found hardest, and what advice would she give to anyone else thinking about getting into development?

In other news, things have escalated on the dog training front, as four-legged Clapson junior sets the bar high with his book promotion photoshoot. Can the inexperienced Child hound possibly rival that?

Session 12:

Wow, we covered a lot of ground in this one! You asked us how to look appealing to commercial lenders and private investors – not always easy if you’ve never done it before. And should you use the services of an interior designer, even if you’re only building billy-basic flats? Tons of questions – and tons of answers.

Some seasoned viewers were also thrown by Ian and Ritchie sitting on opposite sides of the screen for this session (these guys really know how to mix it up). Just one of the many reasons you won’t be confusing them with Ant and Dec anytime soon.

Session 11:

In this session, we look at a range of different issues. What can you do if you’re struggling a little with your self-confidence right now? What’s happening in the world of commercial lending, and could modular construction play a bigger role in construction going forward.

And a very topical one – how do you manage the current storm of emails, virtual meetings, networking sessions, Facebook groups, and other social media activity when there’s so much going on?

Session 10:

Some great questions from a knowledge-hungry audience! Like what three things do you need to have in place before you start developing property? And how do you keep nervous private investors interested at a time when there’s so much uncertainty around?

These and many other questions are answered in a session which also included dog-envy, some hair-baiting from the audience, but refreshingly no mention of biscuits.

Session 9:

A rare opportunity to get the inside track on what estate agents are thinking right now. What do they make of the market conditions, and better still, how can you get in their little black book and put yourself in the best place for learning about new opportunities before they reach the market?

Today the guys are joined by leading independent estate agent, Andrew Furnell of Taylor, Hill and Bond, who answers some challenging questions and gives us the low down on where the market might be heading and what could lie around the corner.

Session 8:

Want to know the five biggest mistakes people make with their elevator pitches (and why it’s SO important to get it right)?

Ian also explains why development is a good fit for existing property investors and landlords and shines a light on co-living, while Ritchie explains why targeting the ‘need’ market rather than the ‘want’ market is such a good strategy.

Session 7:

A great opportunity to get an insight into what’s happening at the coalface in property development, as Dan Stiles of DDS Consulting reports on what project managers and cost consultants are seeing in the industry, and how the future is likely to shape up.

In other news, Ian has a stab at predicting what sort of exit curve we’re likely to see for the recession, while Ritchie makes some unwarranted comments about haircuts and uses a marathon-running analogy that fooled absolutely no one.

Session 6:

More questions and answers from the fascinating world of property development, plus Ian gives some great tips on how you can use your body to make yourself happier and more successful.

Ritchie also talks about the considerations when looking at projects in Special Protection Areas and other sites and areas with planning restrictions in place.

Session 5:

What’s the future of planning? And where will the big opportunities be in small scale property development over the coming months and years?

In this session we’re joined by Colin Smith of CJS Planning Services who casts a light on all things planning-related, while answering some great questions from the audience.

If you need help with any planning questions, you can contact Colin through his website cjsplanning.com

Session 4:

This session takes a look at how we can all be more productive now that we find ourselves cooped up indoors, working from home. We also share thoughts on what things you should consider if you’re thinking about doing your first project, and what you can be doing NOW to get a competitive edge.

There’s also a complete over-reaction from one of the presenters who seems to be a bit touchy in the follicle department, although you might not spot it.

Session 3:

Are you up for taking the 1K Challenge? In this session, Ian shares some great practical ideas on how we can save some serious amounts of cash in these challenging times – better still, it only takes a few hours of your time to accomplish. Wearing his deeply suspect IT Director’s badge, Ritchie eventually manages to get a handle on the IT and invites Dan Stiles of leading project management company and cost consultancy, DDS Consulting, on the line to get some insight on what’s happening right now with development costs in the market.

And Ian makes a special effort to dress up for the occasion only to come in for some harsh criticism from the fashionistas in the audience.

Session 2:

As we enter a recession what will happen to our town centres, and how does this present an opportunity for people looking to get into property development? Ritchie shares his thoughts on what will happen next, explaining why he thinks there’s a big opportunity on the horizon. In other news, Ian tells us what we can do to get ourselves in the best possible financial shape NOW, as we go through some really tough times, whether we’re business owners or employees.

The crowd got in on the act early on, with some predictable biscuit references and ‘which one’s Dec?’ comments. But, aside from a borderline-offensive Saint and Greavsie comment by a known troublemaker, the attendees were otherwise in fine fettle. 

Session 1:

In this, the first of the propertyCEO Support Sessions, Ritchie talks us through some of the opportunities that are likely to be around the corner in the world of property development, while Ian shares ten great tips for making the most of the additional time we all now have as a result of the coronavirus lock-down, regardless of what business or job you’re in.

For some reason, there are also a number of biscuit references from what we assume were a fairly hungry audience.