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We’re an online training company that can teach you how to become a successful property developer, whatever your experience.

In this short video we explain exactly what propertyCEO is all about and what we can do for YOU.

Our Foundation course provides end-to-end, step-by-step training on every aspect of the development cycle, and is designed to take you through to the successful completion of your very first project. We’ve included the Foundation course Workbook for you to see – the flip book (below) gives you a complete overview of what’s covered on the course plus some detailed information about us, what we do and how we’ll train you to create a significant income from property development

Find Out How The propertyCEO Foundation Course Could Help You Get Into The Lucrative World Of Property Development

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The propertyCEO Foundation course is a comprehensive online home study programme that teaches you how to become a successful property developer, even if you’ve no previous property experience. There are three core elements to the system:

  • Property Knowledge:  we teach you all about property development from the ground up, and give you the skills to find property deals and to put a team together that can deliver successful development projects
  • Business Knowledge:  we give you the blueprint for creating a successful business; setting your vision, strategy and goals and giving you the tools to ensure that your business is successful
  • Personal Skills:  we take your personal skills to another level, allowing you to understand what makes high achievers successful so that you can replicate their habits

The sections below provide a quick look at what’s included in the propertyCEO Foundation course:

The propertyCEO Foundation course

The propertyCEO Foundation course is the perfect way to get into property development, and covers every aspect of the property development cycle, including setting up your business, establishing your team, sourcing deals, ensuring your projects run smoothly and selling your completed units. You get to see EXACTLY what you need to do to create a property development business from scratch, and how to develop your personal skills to become a true property CEO. In this course you will:

  • Learn the entire end to end process of creating a highly successful property development business using the propertyCEO blueprint, without the need for any previous property development experience
  • Leverage the expertise of experienced professionals without having to do the work or manage projects yourself
  • Have access to our Business Builder Foundation modules which show you how to create and maintain a highly successful property business using amazing tools that work in ANY company
  • Access the personalCEO Foundation course; learn the amazing secrets of high achievers and how you can use these skills to make you much more successful both in your business and in your life. Plus free up your time and learn how to re-programme your mind to make you far more effective; it’s all in personalCEO
  • Be introduced to our propertyCEO Pro Tools – these are best in class tools that enable you to find and evaluate deals quickly and effectively and will save you a ton of time and money

As the name suggests, this course lays the perfect foundation for a new financial future for you; one that enables you to secure your long-term wealth as well as creating potentially significant revenue in the short-term. Property development is not an ‘advanced’ strategy; you don’t have to cut your teeth on small-scale property projects first. Instead, take the course that combines the personal, business and property skills that you need to be successful whilst leveraging some of the skills and life experience that you already have.

propertyCEO Pro Tools

Want to know how to quickly and accurately assess whether a deal stacks up? Or what the REAL values are in your area? We’ve created a range of easy-to-use tools that allow you to do exactly that. Our range of Pro Tools include deal analysers, local market assessment worksheets, viewing checklists; and much, much more. In short all the tools you need to analyse deals and run projects, plus comprehensive how-to videos showing you EXACTLY how to use them. Our Pro Tools alone will save you days of your time in creating the same thing from scratch plus we think they are the best in the business!

The propertyCEO Business Builder

Build your business the propertyCEO way using our proven, best practice approach. Use our templates to create the vision, goals and strategy for your business and create a framework that positions your business for success. Get this part right and you will be in a better position than 95% of people who start a new property venture.

personalCEO – the Performance Coach

Whether you like it or not, your mindset is critical to your success, and there are a million and one personal development gurus out there who reckon they have the answer (we know because we’ve spent a small fortune on their books and courses over the years!). We’ve also spent many years coaching professionals and high performing teams ourselves on how to deliver outstanding results. We’ve taken what we consider to be the most effective elements of both and condensed them into a personal development programme that we believe will supercharge not only your business but also your life.

Since we know everyone is different we’ve made it modular so you can use the elements that resonate most with you (or you can do the lot and take your mindset into the stratosphere!). Here’s what we cover in this incredible coaching course:

  • What habits separate you from the world’s most successful business leaders and high performers, and how you can learn to emulate them
  • Why you struggle to be as effective as you want to be and what you can do about it
  • Understand how your mind REALLY works and learn how you can ‘trick’ it into making you more successful
  • Learn the success routines of ultra successful people and how they are able to do things on ‘autopilot’
  • Use the personalCEO Time Machine to learn how to expand your available time so you can totally supercharge your productivity
  • And lots more…